Let’s Talk Supplements

It seems like nowadays you can find a supplement for almost anything. At times, the variety can be overwhelming, and often leaving us questioning whether or not they actually work. Fortunately we’re here to help you navigate the supplement sections of the grocery store!

Do I need a supplement?

First step in understanding supplements is to understand their purpose, which is to supplement nutrition. There are certain situations where it’s necessary to take a supplement. For instance, a shout out to our vegan and vegetarian friends out there! Getting enough vitamins and minerals like protein, iron, and calcium can be hard from just plant sources. However, eating these macro and micronutrients are definitely possible with some diligence. Unfortunately not all nutrients are treated equally. Getting enough Vitamin B12 from just plant based sources is even harder! Our body has a much easier time digesting this vitamin when it comes from an animal source. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise your diet choice because your body doesn’t feel like absorbing something. This is a great time to add a B12 supplement, because you may not be getting the most out of the food you’re eating. So first before investing in a supplement purchase consider, do you need to add more into your diet?



What should you look out for when you’re purchasing supplements?

A big red flag are unrealistic claims. A supplement that’s claiming to give you a six pack in two days, without ever working out or changing your diet, is probably something to avoid. Products that advertise unrealistic goals are signs that the product is most likely a gimmick, or at least stretching the truth a little too far.

Another thing to pay attention to is interactions with your body or other medications you might be taking. Supplements are very concentrated forms of what their advertising. In concentrated doses they may cause unwanted effects or interactions with your body. Pay attention to labels, marketing, and offers before buying supplements.



What should we do?

Do your research! Don’t buy a supplement because it claims to offer something. Take time to look into the company that’s selling you something, are they trustworthy? G-plans a variety of trustworthy supplements to shop from if you need that extra boost. Always ask a health professional their thoughts on whatever supplement you’re interested in taking. Lastly, make sure you need the supplement! Most of these vitamins and minerals on the shelves are best for us in food form. A well balanced diet full of variety is the key to supplementing your nutrition.

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