Workouts for your Mental Health

While workouts are mainly used to exercise your body, they can also be used to exercise and relax your mind. Exercise is proven to have a positive effect on a person’s mental state and can help decrease stress levels, improve energy levels, and give you peace of mind,


Breathing Exercises

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, doing simple exercises while focusing on your breathing is an excellent way to relieve tension. You can choose to do rigorous exercises, such as push-ups, planks, or sit-ups, moderate activities, such as yoga and pilates, or simple stretching exercises. By moving your body and focusing on your breathing, you can pay closer attention to your body’s internal state. If you would rather do breathing exercises without physical activity, it would be best to sit in a relaxed and quiet place. 


Outdoor Workouts

Spending time outdoors can be a big stress reliever for a lot of people. While you don’t need to visit a lush park to relax, simply going outside and getting fresh air can relax the mind and body. If you have a backyard, try doing simple exercises on a blanket outside. If you live in an apartment, try using your patio or exercising with the window open!


Yoga Meditations

It’s no secret that yoga is the perfect way to destress. Pairing yoga with guided meditation can help to relax your muscles and calm your mind. The yoga distracts your body from the fatigues of daily life while the meditation distracts your mind from stressors. Even doing simple yoga poses is proven to help relieve tension in the body!


Mindful Cardio

Regular cardio’s purpose is to exercise the body; however, mindful cardio’s mission is to relax your mind. Mindful cardio includes walking, jogging, running, and any type of cardio workout, but to relieve emotional stress. If you’ve ever taken a walk or a job to escape from a stressful situation briefly, you’ve done mindful cardio! Unlike yoga or exercises, mindful cardio can be used to clear your head and think about whatever situation is causing you stress. This method allows you to breathe and return to the issue in a calmer, more positive manner.


During these tough times, it can be hard to relieve stress (and we all have a TON of that right now). Finding small ways to stay active can increase your activity level and help keep you mentally grounded!

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