Work from Home Work-Outs

Now that most gyms in the country are closed, we all have to find new and creative ways to stay active. If you’re working from home, you are likely feeling that it’s hard to get enough exercise. We’re here to show you that it’s possible to work from home and get a solid workout!


Running in Place

Cardio is especially tricky to do while we’re all at home. Running in place is a great way to get some cardio while still staying close to your desk. If you’re looking to get your heart rate up and build some muscles, run in place! If you’re looking for a light workout and some fat-burning exercise, jog in place! If you’re looking to push yourself further, try holding light hand weights or doing high-knees every other minute. 


Recommended Exercises

  • Interval: run for 1 minute, high knees for 30 seconds, jog for 30 seconds, repeat
  • Endurance: run for 4 minutes, jog for 1 minute, repeat while holding light weights
  • Quick: run for 1 minute, ten burpees, jog for 30 seconds, repeat


Standing Desk Workouts

Standing desks have been a popular and effective way to get exercise while working. It decreases sitting time and burns more calories. While standing itself can be a simple exercise, you can always add a few reps to work up a sweat. Try doing some squats, torso twists, or jumping jacks between tasks.  


Recommended Exercises

  • Interval: 10 squats, 15 jumping jacks, ten torso twists, 1 minute high knees, repeat
  • Endurance: 15 squats, 1 minute high knees, 15 sumo squats (or with weight), repeat
  • Quick: 10 jumping jacks, ten squats, five torso twists, repeat


30 Second Workouts

Too busy for a long workout? Fit a few 30-second exercises into your workday! Waiting for a document to load? Try doing ten quick push-ups in the meantime. Waiting for the zoom meeting to start? Try a few sit-ups (make sure to finish before the meeting)! Going to the bathroom? Do lunges on the way there! By fitting in quick moves into your day, you can still get a gym-level workout!


Recommended Workouts

  • While reading: planks or push-ups 
  • Going to the bathroom: lunges or high knees
  • On the phone: lifting light weights (not too strenuously!)


De-stress Session

If you’ve found yourself stressed out by work at home, take a quick break, and do some relaxing yoga poses! Not only does it relax your mind and body, but it gets a little workout in. Even though working from home can feel like a break, there’s no doubt it can be stressful (if not more) than working in the office.


Recommended exercises

  • Quick de-stress: downward facing dog for 1 minute, bridge pose for 1 minute, corpse pose for 1 minute
  • Long de-stress: warrior II for 1 minute, tree pose for 1 minute, warrior I for 1 minute, plank pose for 1 minute, bound ankle pose 1 minute, seated forward pose for 1 minute


No gym, no problem! Even when we’re all staying indoors for now, you can still get a great workout in!




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