Incorporating Your Diet Into Your Social Life

While dieting is already a challenge all on its own, trying to diet while also trying to stay socially active is a whole other beast. Even though being social isn’t possible during the current pandemic, these tips will help make your transition back into society a lot healthier. By incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle, you can stay healthy while still living life! 


Keep reading our tips on how to stick to your diet, even when you’re out and about.


Portion Control

Did you know that most restaurants here in the US serve dishes that are worth 2-3 servings? If you’ve ever felt extremely full after finishing your plate, it’s probably because you had more than a few portions worth! You can still enjoy a meal from a restaurant, just be aware of how much is really on the plate. Feel that your meal has too many portions? Take it home as leftovers or make a second (or third) meal out of your take-out! This way, you can still enjoy eating out (or in) guilt-free! 


Here are a few general guidelines for watching your portions: 

  • One serving protein = about the size of your palm (it’s good to have 1-2 per meal)
  • One serving vegetables = 1 cup raw, ½ cup cooked (it’s good to have 2-3 per meal)
  • 1 serving fruit = ½ cup fresh, ¼ cup dried (it’s good to have 1-3 per meal)
  • One serving carbohydrates = ½ cup cooked, one slice of bread (it’s good to have 1-2 per meal)


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Hold the Drinks!

It’s no secret that drinks are packed with calories and carbohydrates (which is why they probably taste so good)! Sodas, lemonades, and iced teas have tons of added sugars and typically come in huge glasses that carry anywhere between 2-4 servings. 


Here are a few drinks to order at restaurants that are not only low calorie but are also still enjoyable:

  • Water (of course, with a little lemon for some flavor)
  • Sparkling water
  • Seltzer water
  • Tea (unsweetened or sweetened with honey)
  • Coconut water 


Want a little alcohol with your meal? Alcohol is infamous for being high-calorie and anti-diet. However, it is still possible to enjoy drinking and stick to your diet! Check out our recent blog on how to enjoy a drink guilt-free


Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, we can now see the full menu of almost any restaurant in the world. If you know where you’re going to eat, why not take a quick look at the menu? This way, you can be more prepared to order, pick healthier options, and see pictures of the food. Some restaurants even put their nutritional information on their websites! If you have a special diet (ex. Diabetic, gluten-free, or any severe allergies), check out the restaurant’s website or give them a call for optional substitutions.


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A happy life and diet can smoothly go hand-in-hand! It’s important not to be too hard on yourself. By allowing yourself to enjoy life and good food, you’re thanking your body for all the hard work!


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