The Best Foods to Boost your Immune System

Rushing to the grocery store at this time, may not be as easily accessible as it normally is. Surprisingly, a lot of common foods in your refrigerator or pantry can be amazing sources of vitamin C! Whether you enjoy these foods as a snack or incorporate them into your meals, they are sure to provide you enough vitamin C to keep you feeling amazing as well as your immunity strong: 


As citrus fruits are vitamin C powerhouses, having a variety of these fruits on hand can not only add flavor to your meals, but they are also sure to add a vitamin C boost throughout your day. Enjoying a fruit for a snack, slicing and infusing water, or simply squeezing the juice over your favorite fish, are a few of the simple ways to incorporate citrus into your daily intake. One medium citrus fruit can provide up to 50-75mg of vitamin C. 


Although all berries contain up to at least 30mg of vitamin C per cup, strawberries take the lead of 90mg per cup! This delicious berry is a low calorie fruit that can be enjoyed sliced into a bowl of bran flakes or oatmeal or simply enjoyed by itself. Keeping in mind that berries are usually perishable, grabbing a bag of frozen berries or storing from fresh in a freezer bag to avoid spoiling can be a great way to keep this fruit on hand at any time. 

Dark Leafy Greens

If you find yourself needing to use up greens that are nearing their “best by” date, tossing together a mixed green salad can be a way to avoid wasting veggies while also  boosting your immune system. Kale contains up to 80mg of vitamin C and mustard spinach contains up to double that amount. If enjoying dark leafy greens fresh is not tangible, buying in bulk and freezing them in freezer bags can be a smart way to use for smoothies or for steaming them down for your next meal. 

Spice things up!

In addition to the essential vitamin C to boost your immunity, adding spices such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, and thyme are essential to reducing inflammatory markers that directly decreases risk of inflammatory diseases and infections. These spices can be used freely at any meal or even enjoyed as a tea. The next time you need to relax, enjoy a cup of ginger lemon tea to boost your immunity and reduce inflammation!

A strong immunity is the foundation of a healthy body. Enjoying a variety of delicious and healthy fruits and veggies can be an essential way to keep you and your family protected from any flu or infection. 


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