Best Ways to Keep your Food and Meals Interesting

Let’s be honest here…eating the same thing everyday may not be the most exciting thing to do. However, when there are limitations in food availability or simply wanting to follow a structured meal program, exploring new ways to keep your meals flavorful (yet healthy) can be the solution to monotonous foods. 

Here are some pro tips you can implement: 

Change the preparation method

Using different cooking methods or appliances can be a great way to add some variety to the usual pantry or refrigerator staples. Methods such as baking/roasting, grilling, steaming, boiling, sautéing with cooking spray, or even air-frying are usually considered the healthiest options for cooking and  can provide a different kick to your meal. For example, switch up from roasting chicken to grilling it up over a charcoal grill or even air-frying chicken strips to replicate that “fried chicken” taste. This change will not only add some excitement to your meal, but also it keeps your macronutrients consistent. This switch up can also be applied to potatoes and all veggies!


Spice it up differently

A “comfort zone” can be applicable when we talk about what kind of seasoning we use in the kitchen. Whether it’s keeping it simple with the salt and pepper duo or cycling through 3-4 different spices, shying away from the entire spice rack can be a disservice to creating  flavorful meals. Exploring with pre-made combinations such as curry powder, jerk, lemon pepper, Italian, or taco seasonings can not only excite your taste buds but can also provide healthy benefits. 

Try new and creative combinations

In addition to  choosing different ways to prepare or season your meals, trying different food combinations can be a fun and interesting approach as well. If you find yourself consistently serving your protein over white or brown rice, explore roasting potatoes as a substitute instead. Another great way to switch things up would be to change the protein source of one of your favorite recipes; if grilled chicken tacos is a favorite, try grilled fish tacos instead to spruce things up!


Try different salad dressings

Stepping away from the usual salad dressing can be a great way to change things up. Experimenting with  a variety of different homemade dressings that can be used as a substitute for the typical go-to or even condiment such as mayonnaise can provide a new and delicious flavor profile to your dish. Instead of reaching for the store-bought brands, check out these amazing homemade dressings to try out! 

Kick monotonous meals to the curb with these pro tips to keep your meals interesting. Regardless of having limited availability of certain food items based on uncontrollable factors or perhaps following a structured meal program, getting creative with preparation method, seasonings, food combinations, and condiments/dressings is an easy way to reduce a boring flavor profile. 


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