Importance of Sticking to a Routine, even when Working from Home

If you are among the thousands of individuals who have been mandated to work from home, you might be feeling a bit frazzled. The change of routine can often bring a sense of disruption and uncertainty. Keeping on a routine, however, can be the answer to keeping stress low and maintaining progress with a healthier lifestyle. These are a few important factors of why you should stick to a routine, even when working from home: 

It creates structure

In normal circumstances, a work day is often structured by when work starts and ends, and breaks throughout the day. This structure, however, is often hazy when work is moved to an “at-home” environment. Creating a time structure for this new dynamic can be the key way to create a low-stress, productive environment. Whether it’s allowing yourself sometime in the morning to prepare and enjoy breakfast or setting alarms for a scheduled brisk walk or snack can keep you feeling on track. Not only will this provide a necessary outline for maintaining healthy habits, but it can also help build momentum to make more, healthier steps.

It helps create good habits

Keeping in mind that it takes two weeks to form a habit, repetition is the key factor. Walking up in the morning and eating breakfast or creating a time structure to maintain necessary water intake can help make these essential habits into everyday tasks. In addition, since weekends are notorious for knocking you off track from a usual routine, implementing these habits at home during your workday can be beneficial developing a consistent and productive routine even on weekends or vacations. 

It helps break bad habits

In the same token, creating a routine can not only help create good habits, but it can help put an end to bad habits that have not been conducive to a healthier lifestyle. For example, skipping meals, watching TV, or mindless snacking can be put to a stop when sticking to a daily routine. 

It’s great for mental health!

Without a routine, daily tasks for home and work can become piled up, resulting in multitasking and rushing to get things done. This is a common mistake for those who do not implement a routine. This dynamic is often the culprit of a stressful and anxious environment. By implementing a routine, not only can it create a sense of accomplishment and success, but it can eradicate stress and anxiety triggers 


Whether working from home is a personal choice or mandated for safety purposes, a routine can help bring in structure, good habits, eradicate bad habits, and create a more peaceful and stress-free environment. During this time of frenzy, set times for meals, snacks, mental breaks, physical activity, and allot time for personal or work projects. Perhaps during this time of uncertainty, a routine is conducive to a healthy state of mind and body. 


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