Quick & Easy: Things to Reduce in your Daily Diet to Boost Weight Loss

Have you tried every weight loss tactic out there? Every time you find yourself hitting a weight loss plateau or are craving everything, excluding what’s on the menu? Don’t worry this is common, and can be fixed! Try reducing a few of this items in your daily diet to boost your weight loss and find yourself feeling your best!



It’s time to break up with dairy if you haven’t already done so. As we age it’s natural for our bodies to lose the ability to process dairy. For some, they may notice they have become lactose intolerant as an adult. For others, they may just feel bloated after eating a few pieces of cheese. Either way, dairy is not the easiest thing for our body to digest, and is often associated with bloating and inflammation. If you’re looking to shed the pounds, aim to cut dairy out to reduce any resistance to weight loss. Fortunately, we live in an age where there are plenty of dairy-free options, as you can see in the picture above! Almond and oat milks are some of the top trending milk alternatives, but there’s also lots of options for dairy-free cheeses and butters if you’re looking for more!



Some people may call pork the other white meat. Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately pork is not quite as nutritionally valuable as poultry. Pork is actually an extremely high fat protein source, and those fats aren’t to be included with “good” fats. High fat meats contribute to inflammation, and when eaten often they can be associated with higher risks of chronic diseases like heart disease. What’s the solution? Aim for lean sources of protein! Try chicken or turkey for meal preps as they are lean and nutrient dense. Not into poultry? Fish is always a great alternative if you’re looking for a good source of omega 3’s! When in doubt, lean cut beef is also a great source of protein and iron and, if cooked correctly, can last you all week for meal prep!


Multi-Ingredient Breads

Much like dairy, gluten is one of those ingredients that sometimes can be a little rough on the digestive system. Some of us are completely intolerant of gluten, and others again might just experience bloat or slight discomfort after consuming a high gluten containing meal. Gluten and yeast containing breads also affect our blood sugar in ways we may not even notice, but have a huge impact on how the metabolism operates regularly.


Added Refined Sugars

Why add calories that serve no purpose? Foods containing lots of added refined sugars aren’t necessary in our regular diets and can be avoided pretty easily. Yes, it’s true our body does use glucose (sugar) to create energy, but that’s an easy-to-find ingredient in almost any food. By no means are our regular diets lacking in glucose. So when we consume foods high in added sugar, it’s just fluff; aka anything extra gets stored away. By consuming fresh produce, whole grains, and lean animal protein you’re finding naturally sugar-free products to consume, and still getting the nutrients needed to make energy in the body. Avoiding processed or pre-prepared foods are also other ways to easily create a diet naturally low in refined sugars. You don’t need to avoid all sugar all together, but try to find food sources that offer other helpful qualities as well!



Like added sugars, consuming excess alcohol is just not necessary for our bodies. Alcohol causes the body to slow down, and regular functions become more difficult to carry out. It also doesn’t help that the calories from alcohol can’t be used in any system in our body, so again it’s just extra fluff. Consuming foods that serve our body rather than things that hinder its function is ideal when trying to lose weight. Again, we’re not saying you can never drink again, but just consider keeping the drinks to a minimum and making low-calorie choices where you can!


A weight loss journey is full of ups and downs, and really is a different experience for everyone. There’s no perfect solution that fits all sizes. Reducing some of the items on our list could help boost your weight loss, but also could help leave room for healthy foods as well! Figure out what works best for your body!



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