Who said Meal Prepping is Only for Meat Eaters?!

The world of meal prepping is often dominated by our meat-eating friends. While we’re not here to hate on the carnivores, we just simply want to add some variety to the meal prepping community. In every food space, we should be open to plant-based options. Make room meat-eaters, we’ve got some fresh plant-based meal prep recipes here!


Portobello Fajitas!
This portobello fajitas recipe is killer! It’s the perfect meal prep recipe to take on those savory-craving taste buds. Portobello mushrooms make for a great alternative to meat products, as these mushrooms naturally are very hearty themselves. Add a few spices, and you’ll be feeling full and satisfied with this recipe all week.


BBQ Tofu
Even if you eat plant-based, sometimes you crave BBQ! Tofu is a protein-packed food source that takes on whatever flavor you want! Naturally, BBQ sauce is a perfect contender to bring a bit of a pop to any dish. Plus, BBQ sauce is naturally plant-based so it can fit into this recipe nicely. We recommend giving Primal Kitchen’s BBQ sauce a try. This BBQ sauce is definitely meal plan-friendly with it’s easy-to-understand ingredients list.


Easy Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls
This recipe works as an awesome lunchtime meal prep. Packed with a variety of veggies, it’s also a very easy recipe to multiple or divide. Planning when to meal prep can be difficult, especially when cooking for the majority of the week all in one day. We love this recipe because it’s easy to adjust, so if you want this for one day or five it’s no problem!


Brown Rice Vermicelli with Veggies
This is an awesome dish if you’re craving variety as there is A LOT in this dish! This is the perfect recipe for a build-your-own bowl since you get to choose your favorite veggies, plus you get your pasta fix with the brown rice vermicelli!


We meant it when we said meal prepping isn’t only for our meat-eating friends. Try out some of these recipes with your meal plan this week!



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