Summertime Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

With the summer heat creeping in, finding a refreshing (and delicious) snack can be almost necessary to stay cool. But with keeping your summer bod in mind, how can that be possible? Luckily, we have a few tasty recommendations to stay cool and lean during this season. Not only will these guiltless treats be delicious, but they’re also a fun snack to make with friends or family and are totally dairy-free to prevent any digestive discomfort or bloat.

Fiber Fruit Popsicle

Sneaking in one of these delicious frozen treats in lieu of your mid afternoon snack is a great way to stay cool while also getting in your necessary fiber. You can test your creativity by testing out this recipe by using your own favorite fruits. Don’t have popsicle molds? Use small paper cups and cut out when ready!

Simply Frozen Fruit

One of the worst things that can happen with your fresh fruits is spoilage. However, tossing those fruits in freezer baggies and storing them in the freezer will turn them into a perfectly healthy and refreshing treat. Enjoy your favorite frozen fruit by itself or topped on a coconut yogurt parfait.

Fruit Sorbet

This recipe is incredibly easy and fast – especially if you have those frozen fruits stored away in your freezer. You can whip up a batch and store away for when those summer days get the best of you and you’re dying for a frozen treat. Blend up a few flavors to add variety for your sweet tooth.

Banana Coconut Ice Cream

This is an ultimate favorite because…well because it’s ice cream – and who doesn’t like ice cream? When you feel like bumping up your indulgence while avoiding dairy, this recipe is a go-to. It requires very little time to prepare and doesn’t require any fancy appliances. Just blend up and place in the freezer to set up for that silky ice cream texture.

Whichever frozen treat you opt to cool down with this summer, you’ll be sure to keep yourself feeling great all summer long. If you’re making these treats for your family, friends, or just for yourself, you can keep them in reserve for those unbearable hot summer days!

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