Why We Recommend the 80/20 Rule

“Gotta burn calories. Gotta burn calories.”

A lot of people believe they can out train a bad diet. Indulged a little too much yesterday? You might be thinking, “Oh well, I will just do extra cardio tomorrow.”

What many people miss is that it is not as simple as calories in and out.

“If you’re killing yourself at the gym, it means you’re fighting your body… trying to overcome an inefficient metabolism,” explains Dr. Goglia, founder of G-Plan’s and one of the most elite nutrition and wellness clinics in the US. “Get the food right, and your body does the hard work for you. Double the results, half the effort.”

This is called the 80/20 rule. More than 80% of weight loss success is based on what happens in the kitchen. The gym is great support but results-wise, “it isn’t even close.”


Think about athletes. Their career is primarily focused around a form of exercise and performing optimally. However, ask any athlete to give up food, and they will look at you like you are crazy.

They would all tell you: foods first — exercise second – repair repair repair.

The amount of exercise needed to lose weight alone is not attainable, and without enough food, you are just waiting for an injury to happen. In an article written by Women’s Health, medical professional Holly Lofton, M.D, explains a weight loss of just one pound is equivalent to running seven to 10 miles a day.

The average person can’t keep up this pace without suffering injury and significantly increasing their caloric intake in order to fuel them through workouts.

What you put in your mouth is much more important than your exercise. Sure, exercise will help push you past your plateaus, but exercise requires fuel from the food you eat.  Don’t skimp on your nutrition, and hope to get the body you want.

Your body is made in the kitchen, and sculpted in the gym.



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