Should You Try Our Immune Boost Supplement?

Are you someone who gets sick a lot in the winter months? Some people have a tendency to come down with something a few times each year, no matter how much they wash their hands and try to avoid sick people. Some of us just need extra immune support during this time of year. If you fall into this category, you may want to consider trying our Immune Boost supplement. Keep reading to learn more about the ingredients and how they can help assist your immune system in fighting off infections this year. 


Magnesium plays an important role in our immune system health. It helps white blood cells to seek out and destroy pathogens while helping to prevent inflammation from becoming too high. T cells, a specific type of white blood cell, are especially dependent on sufficient magnesium in order to operate efficiently. Low blood levels of magnesium makes one more susceptible to infection. Magnesium is easily depleted by sugar intake, stress, certain health conditions, caffeine intake, and some prescription medications, so getting this extra boost of magnesium is very helpful.

Vitamin C and Citrus Bioflavonoids

Our Immune Boost formula contains vitamin C as ascorbic acid, as well as citrus bioflavonoids. Citrus bioflavonoids are powerful antioxidants that enhance the effect of vitamin C and help its absorption within the body. Vitamin C helps our immune defense because it supports many different cellular functions of both our innate and adaptive immune system. The combination of vitamin C and bioflavonoids in this formula are some of the most powerful ingredients that make this supplement work so well to give your body that extra immune support.


Zinc is an important nutrient for the immune system. It is necessary for the development and functioning of immune cells. Vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as very restrictive diets, can cause one to become deficient in zinc. Also, some individuals with certain gut diseases can have a hard time absorbing enough zinc from the food they eat. For many people, whether deficient or not, supplementing with a little extra zinc can be beneficial in regards to keeping their immune system operating at full capacity. 


Copper and zinc have a special relationship to one another. If you consume too much zinc, especially through supplementation, you can become deficient in copper. So it is important to make sure that you are consuming enough copper if you are supplementing with zinc. Copper on its own is also an important nutrient for the immune system, as copper deficiency is linked to increased susceptibility of infection.


Lysine is an amino acid that is very beneficial to the functioning of our immune systems. It can speed up the response time of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that is your immune system’s first line of defense. Lysine can also increase the number of lymphocytes your immune system makes, which is another type of white blood cell that is important for immunity. Lysine is also known to help keep your body’s viral load low, especially when it comes to certain viral infections, such as those in the herpes virus family. 

Other Ingredients 

Our Immune Boost supplement also contains vitamin E, the amino acid glycine, and vitamin B6, which are other ingredients that help support a healthy immune system. If you’re someone who needs an extra boost to help support your immune system health, then this product might be just what you need. You can purchase it here

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