Are You Running Into These 3 Common Roadblocks?

There are bound to be some roadblocks that you face on your weight loss journey. This is normal and it’s not any indication that you will fail. When an obstacle is encountered, you just need to try to find a solution around it. Today we will discuss three common obstacles that many people face and we will give some solutions that have been proven to help others overcome them. 

1. Getting too hungry throughout the day and resorting to eating out or choosing unhealthy meals because they’re quicker and easier. 

Everyone’s been here at some point or another. You wait too long to eat anything, and then you feel so ravenously hungry that you will eat anything in sight! And it usually winds up being the quickest and easiest food you can get your hands on. But oftentimes, the quickest or easiest food you can get ahold of isn’t always the healthiest option, especially if you wind up swinging through the first fast food drive-thru you can find. 

Solution: Pack snacks to carry with you when you go out and carry a water bottle. 

If you get in the habit of packing healthy snacks with you whenever you leave the house, you will always have something to snack on to avoid that ravenously hungry feeling. It may take a little bit of time to get into this habit, but eventually it’ll become second nature. You could also try leaving some snacks in places that you spend a lot of your time, such as work or even in your car! 

Carrying a water bottle with you is always a good idea to help you reach at least your minimum daily water requirement, but it also has other benefits as well. Drinking water throughout the day not only helps to properly hydrate your body, but it has benefits for your metabolism and can curb intense hunger until you can eat your next meal or snack. It helps many people overcome food cravings and their typical afternoon slump in energy. 

2. Feeling too tired to cook a meal after a long day 

Whether you work long hours at your job or you are exhausted after taking care of your kids all day, this is a common roadblock that many people face. Some days it can feel much easier to just order takeout instead of taking the time to prepare a healthy meal at home.

Solution: Prioritize meal prepping or arrange your meal plan to repeat meals each week for leftovers

If you have a day or two off each week, or some days that aren’t as busy, then you could prioritize meal prepping on those days. If you get your vegetables all cut or your food already weighed out or measured, then you save a lot of time on the day you are actually cooking that meal. Another option is to arrange your meal plan to repeat the same recipes for dinner a few nights a week. This means that you can double or triple your recipe the first night of the week that you make it, and simply heat up leftovers the other days of the week that the meal repeats. This will save you a lot of time and you avoid the daunting thought of having to cook a whole meal from scratch when you’re just too tired to cook.

3. Not having enough time in the morning to cook breakfast

Whether you have an early start to your day or you just like sleeping in, this is a common problem a lot of people face. But eating breakfast before you start your day is important for your metabolism, so you should prioritize getting it in. 

Solution: Pick low prep breakfast recipes, such as smoothies or overnight oats.

Smoothies are a very quick breakfast to make. Our smoothie recipes provide a balance of macronutrients and can keep you feeling full for a while. We also have some recipes for overnight oats, which are prepared the night before. You can even prepare a couple of days worth of breakfasts all at one time, on one day of the week, and simply open up your refrigerator in the morning to find that breakfast is ready to go! 

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