6 Most Underrated Ways to Improve Your Health

Sometimes people are under the impression that they need to make a bunch of drastic changes in order to impact their health in a positive way. But oftentimes, you may be better off focusing on the simple things. Here is a list of six underrated ways to improve your health. 

1. Get Sunlight and Fresh Air 

Sunlight is essential for our health and well-being. Sunlight helps our bodies produce vitamin D which is important for our immune system. It also helps boost the levels of serotonin in your brain which can help fight depression, keep you in a good mood, and reduce stress. Fresh air provides more oxygen which can help your body destress, improve your physical wellbeing, and improve your digestion! 

2. Go To Bed Earlier

Not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on your health. In fact, it can increase your risk of a lot of different health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Not getting adequate sleep also weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible to bacterial or viral infections.

3. Limit Screen Time

Spending too much time in front of a screen can have negative implications to your health. It can be bad for your vision and it can affect your sleep cycles negatively. When we are watching TV or scrolling through social media, we are usually sedentary, so there is a higher risk of obesity for those who spend too much time in front of a screen. It has also been tied to an increased risk of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. So limiting your screen time will free you up to engage in healthier activities and will help improve your quality of sleep. 

4. Drink More Water 

Many people are chronically dehydrated. Simply increasing your intake can help your body flush out waste, give you more energy, and minimize food cravings. We recommend shooting for a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, aim for a minimum of 70 ounces per day. Increasing your water intake is one of the best and simplest things you can do for your health. 

5. Go For a Daily Walk

You don’t need to start a crazy workout routine if it’s not something that you’re into. Simply going for a walk every day can have a huge benefit on your health. Walking is a great form of aerobic exercise which can improve the circulatory system and strengthen bones and muscles. Walking also helps regulate blood glucose control, normalize blood pressure, and even has a positive effect on your mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. 

6. Make Time to Pursue a Hobby 

Creating time in your day to focus on a hobby that you enjoy is very beneficial for your mental health. Sometimes people focus too much on their physical health and don’t realize that the state of their mental health has an immediate impact on their physical health too. If we are always wound up tight and stressed out, this will impact our physical bodies in a negative way.  Chronic stress leads to poor digestion, chronic inflammation, and hormone imbalances. Getting in your creative zone or simply focusing your attention on a hobby that you enjoy can relieve a lot of stress and have a positive impact on your health and well-being! 

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