Why You Should Aim For 80% Rather Than 100% on Your Diet

How many times have you put something off because you didn’t think it was the “right time?” Maybe you thought about cleaning up your diet but then realized you have a dinner planned this week, so you’ll push it off until the following week. Then the next week rolls around and something else gets in the way. Does this sound familiar? The longer you wait for the opportunity to be “perfect,” the longer you delay your chance to actually be successful on your weight loss plan. The only way you won’t make any progress at all is if you never even start. 

No One Is Perfect, So You Don’t Need To Be

Even if it might not seem like it, no one is perfect. So you don’t need to be perfect to be successful on your weight loss journey. If you aim for 80% success following your meal plan, you will feel more successful than if you are aiming for 100%. If you aim for perfection, then you may feel bad about yourself when you slip up once or twice. But in reality, everyone has off days. Events happen. Life happens. That piece of cake after dinner happens. We don’t want you to feel like you have to restrict yourself entirely from life’s pleasures. On G-Plans, you don’t have to be perfect in order to be successful.

Choosing Not to Quit 

Too many people get stuck in the trap of starting a dieting plan of some sort and quitting the moment they realize they aren’t following it perfectly. It’s never the fact that you’re not perfect that stops you from being successful, it’s when you decide to quit instead of keep going. So what type of person will you be when you have an off few days or an off couple of weeks? Will you be someone who decides they’ve already failed and quits entirely? Or will you be someone who will get right back up on the horse and keeps going? If you’re someone who will persevere through the hard times, you will be successful overall. 

And maybe you have quit other diets in the past because they felt too restrictive and you knew they wouldn’t work long term. But that’s why G-Plans is different. It’s a plan that isn’t too restrictive, it’s not designed in a way that sets you up for failure in the long run, and we are not asking you to be perfect. G-Plans aims to teach you how to make healthier choices around food, which are lessons that last a lifetime. No more yo-yo diets and no more wasting all of your money on a promise that never delivers.

Remember to Focus on How Far You’ve Come

Too often, people are so fixated on their end goal that they forget to pat themselves on the back for how far they’ve come. Shifting your mindset to one of abundance and success is going to help you more on your journey than a mindset of lack and failure. A positive mindset that focuses on the things you’ve done well will help motivate you to keep going. When you focus on the fact that you feel better, have more energy, or you lost fat and gained muscle despite the number on the scale being the same, you’re more inclined to feel motivated to continue the journey. Small changes can happen immediately, but big changes take time. So be kind with yourself and remember to congratulate yourself for even the small achievements along the way.

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