Getting Off The Dieting Rollercoaster

Oftentimes, people so badly want to lose weight that over time they will try a bunch of different diets marketed for weight loss. But more often than not, these people find themselves on the same dieting rollercoaster that they just can’t get off of. They’ll try a new diet, maybe see results quickly, but then hit a plateau and eventually gain all of the weight back because the diet wasn’t sustainable long term. These extreme weight loss diets can actually cause more harm than good to the body. 

The Problem With Extreme Low Calorie Diets

While it’s important to burn more calories than you’re consuming for weight loss, there is a problem when you cut calories to an extreme. Doing this can actually cause a lot of damage to your metabolism, so oftentimes these diets are not only dangerous, but they can backfire and be counterproductive when it comes to weight loss. Low calorie diets cause the body to break down muscle, and low muscle mass will eventually slow down your metabolism. Also, when on a low calorie diet, the body goes into starvation mode. Your body then signals your brain to actually hold on to calories to prevent you from starving to death, which is the exact opposite of what someone wants when trying to lose weight. 

Low calorie diets also increase the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, gallstones, and hormonal imbalances. Sometimes people do lose weight very rapidly in the beginning, but that is not necessarily a good thing, because losing weight too quickly can cause heart problems. While it may be appealing to lose a lot of weight very quickly, it’s just not the best or healthiest way to lose weight.

Always Ask Yourself: Is This Diet Sustainable Long Term? 

Not all diets marketed for weight loss are low calorie diets, but sometimes they are still quite restrictive and have a lot of rules. The problem with this is that someone may be able to stick to the rules of that diet for a while in the beginning, but it’s just not sustainable for them in the long run. This is when people often wind up gaining back the weight they lost. When a diet can become more than “just a diet” and actually becomes a way of eating, this is when things can really shift to a point where the progress is maintained. 

How G-Plans is Different

At G-Plans, we understand how dangerous low calorie diets can be. Our goal is to strengthen a person’s metabolism so they can burn fat in a healthy and sustained way, without having to be on a very low calorie diet. We aim for this type of diet to be a way of eating that people want to stick to long term because they aren’t starving themselves, they still enjoy the food they are eating, they feel great, and they were able to lose the weight they wanted. This could be your way off of the dieting rollercoaster once and for all!

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