How this woman’s big fat wedding LIE led to shocking weight loss

Like millions of Americans, seeing her reflection in the mirror was painful for Mary. Her belly rolls, oversized thighs and wide backside made her feel frustrated, upset and depressed. It shredded every last thread of her self-esteem.

Tipping the scales at 184 pounds Mary experienced profound embarrassment and shame. Was it too much to ask to slip into a smaller jean size and feel good about herself for once in her life?

Now it wasn’t as if she didn’t try to lose weight. Over the years she’d been on at least 5 different diets to blast the fat clinging to her body. No matter how hard Mary tried nothing worked. Sound familiar? 

Finally, she decided to go the low-fat, low-calorie route. 

Like so many of us, she’d always been told exercise was also key to dropping weight so she would hit the treadmill for 45-minute “sweat fests” 5 days a week.

If Mary was doing so much right…why wasn’t it working?

As she would discover, Mary was making the worst possible choices for her metabolic type. Even more startling, her “eat less, exercise more” plan was causing her excessive weight gain.

Broken and tired, Mary turned to famed nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia for answers. What she learned by taking  Dr. Goglia’s Metabolic type quiz shocked her.

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Mary couldn’t lose weight was because she wasn’t eating enough, drinking enough water or eating the right foods for her body type. No one had ever mentioned these things to her. Unfortunately, until she took Dr. Goglia’s “what do you crave” quiz Mary had bought into the big fat lie we’re all fed: to lose weight you have to eat less. It’s just wrong—bad information. Dr. Goglia explains…

“Calorie deprivation will cause you to lose weight short term, but in the long run, you’ll experience a rebound effect that’ll leave you heavier and less healthy than when you started. Eventually, your metabolism will cool…you stop utilizing calories efficiently…and you hoard body fat. The result is unwanted weight gain.”

So what’s the answer?

According to Dr. Goglia, most popular diets fail because they’re a one-size-fits-all approach. Just as we each have our own blood type, each one of us is metabolically unique—we all utilize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates differently. (To find out which foods could help you finally take off pounds and inches…click here.)

When you eat and exercise for your own metabolism you’ll see remarkable and permanent results in weight loss, energy levels, and overall health. You’ll know exactly what to eat and when so your body efficiently burns fat and calories. This is founded in science and proven over 35 years by Dr. Goglia. He explains there are 3 distinct metabolic or “weight loss” body types…

Weight Loss Body Type #1:

Fat-and-protein-efficient metabolism

Weight Loss Body Type # 2:

Carbohydrate-efficient metabolism

Weight Loss Body Type # 3:

Dual metabolism

How do you know your body type and which foods can best slim you down? Take this simple quiz right now.

Turns out Mary had a “dual metabolism” body type. While she was thrilled to finally have a plan that would work for her…she was now in an all-out, full-blown weight loss emergency. Mary had 21 days to lose 2 dress sizes.

See…in just 3 weeks her sister who lived in a different state would be getting married and Mary was her matron of honor. Three months earlier when her sister asked her dress size and measurements Mary told the mother of all lies. She said she was two sizes smaller. As soon as her sister and her family saw her they’d know the truth. Even if she could hide her two sizes too big body under clothes, there was no faking being able to squeeze into her dress.

It was her worst nightmare. And with her parents always being judgmental about her weight…this was the last thing she needed.

Besides a daily weight loss plan Mary had to lose weight and lose it fast. That’s when Dr. Goglia put Mary on his 3-week “Quickstart” plan. The results?

Mary lost a shocking 22 pounds in 3 weeks—and dropped 7 percent body fat*. She slipped right into the bridesmaid dress and was over-the-moon ecstatic when she came back from the wedding.

Everyone told me how great I looked. I think it was one of the best weekends of my entire life. And I didn’t lose control of myself and eat everything in sight, as I was afraid I’d do.”

How did she do it? You can find out right here, starting with this super quick quiz.

We took the quiz and found it super easy. You’ll answer a few questions about your sleep and eating habits, body shape, cravings, mood and basic health. It takes about 60-90 seconds to complete. This is the same quiz Dr. Goglia gave Mary to ignite her weight loss…and the same one he gives all his celebrity and who’s who big-name clients at his clinic who have also experienced stunning weight loss results.

The secret starts with knowing your metabolic “weight loss” body type.

Discover what your body type is right here—take the quiz.

What to expect: once you take the quiz you’ll get your results instantly. Plus…you’ll also get Dr. Goglia’s recommendation for the number of carbs, proteins and fats you should be eating for your body type to help you lose all the weight you want. There is no cost or obligation—it’s absolutely FREE. 

*Results not typical

Dr. Philip Goglia is one of the foremost nutritionists in North America. His clientele includes high-profile celebrities, executives, professional athletes and royalty from around the world, including Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Raven Symone, Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Formerly a champion bodybuilder and named Mr. North America, Dr. Goglia he has beaten cancer three times using food. He has been featured in People, Men’s Health, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, GQ and many other major media.

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