Dr. Goglia’s Tips When Eating Out

Eating out can set panic to those who are currently on a managed plan or when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle – but these tips from Dr. Goglia can help ease that stress and regain control of your meal, even if you’re not the one preparing it.

Special Request on Preparation

Ask your waiter that your food be prepared with no butter or oil. Check if steamed rice or vegetables are available and request if grilling lean proteins is an option. If eating chicken, ask the waiter if they are able to remove the skin prior to cooking.

Special Placement of Sides

Request that all dressings, sauces, and other toppings to be served on the side. This will allow you to portion out how much you eat. Don’t be shy to request this from your server, most restaurants are generally very accommodating. 


Asking for substitutions can be an easy way to replace a not-so-friendly ingredient with another one that fits your plan better. For example, substitute mashed potatoes for a baked potato, or perhaps for an extra side of vegetables. If you notice a side or dressing available on the menu (but not an option for your selection), ask if they are able to swap it out.  

Omitting Ingredients

By simply asking for an ingredient to be removed, you will in hand help prevent any temptation from sneaking in a few bites mid meal. If needed, ask the server if they are able to cook the meal without salt, or if they are able to leave out the croutons and cheese in your salad. A lot of restaurants bring out bread and butter or chips and salsa for a pre-dinner snack – ask the server if a green salad is available instead or to leave those options off the table.

With tools in hand for the next time you’re eating out, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask your waiter for these special requests. If need, overlook the menu before leaving the house to make a game plan and to become familiar with your options. Make your meal enjoyable without the added stress.

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