Helpful Tips to Shop Smart

Not having a clear plan before making a trip to the store can leave us either buying things we don’t need, buying too little or too much, or forgetting the things we actually did need. Therefore, we often feel frustrated, stressed out, or guilty after during this time. Here are helpful tips to shop smart for any occasion you need to shop for:

Make a list:

Making a list and checking it twice can be key to making sure you don’t forget anything, or that you don’t buy something you don’t need. After taking a look of what you do or do not already have, make a list of items you absolutely need for your meals and snacks. Review it a few times and next to the item, make a little note of how much you should buy. Reviewing your grocery list a few times can help you reconsider the food items you might not necessarily need.

Don’t go hungry!:

This is the general rule for grocery shopping – don’t go when you’re hungry and thirsty or you might be adding things to your cart you don’t need. Plan your grocery list shortly after a meal or make sure you eat a small snack beforehand. Dr. Goglia’s go to snack is a small piece of fruit with a packet of Justin’s Almond Butter or handful of nuts. Ensuring you’re hydrated can help keep your blood sugar low – preventing those sugar cravings. Also, check out these high fiber snack ideas that can be great to keeping you full during your grocery trip.

Shop the perimeter:

By keeping yourself on the perimeter of the grocery store will help you stay clear of those chip and candy aisles. Usually, the wholesome food options like vegetables, fruits, eggs, and proteins are located along the perimeter. We may occasionally need items such as rice, rolled oats, or frozen fruits and vegetables, but spending the majority of your time away from these inside aisles can help with buying tempting foods that can push us off track.

Use the scales:

Ever notice those scales in the produce section? Use them. It’s so often that we buy too many vegetables that usually go bad in those refrigerator pull-out bins because, we forgot about them. This goes the same for proteins. Pay attention to the marked weights on the prepackaged proteins or be sure you communicate properly with your butcher.

Take your time:

When we’re rushed, we often either forget something on our list or grab the first option we see. Make sure you have a timeframe for grocery shopping that will allow you to take your time and actually pay attention to what you are buying. Check the quantity (and quality!) of your fruits and vegetables, read nutrition labels, and look at all your options. Try to make grocery shopping a relaxing and productive time of your week. When time permits, treat yourself one morning and check out local farmers markets.

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