What Khloe Kardashian Eats to Beat Bloating

Even if you’ve been working out and eating right, there’s one thing that can derail your efforts to showcase your flat stomach-

the dreaded belly bloat.

Luckily, reality star, Khloe Kardashian has your back. To help show off her flat stomach (thanks to her training regime) Khloe munches on these four foods to get rid of a puffy stomach.

Khloe’s shares, “There’s nothing more frustrating than having all your fitness and diet efforts sabotaged by BLOAT, those baby abs will never see the light of day if they’re hidden behind water retention, honey!”

1. Justin’s Almond Butter and a Banana

Bananas are a good source of potassium which prevents water retention by regulating sodium levels in the body. This can help reduce salt-induced bloating. Khloe will eat this when she is either on the go or before her workout.

2. Albacore Tuna

Dr. Goglia recommends cans of albacore tuna for when life gets busy. It also provides anti-inflammatory fats, known as omega-3 fatty acids which can help prevent bloating. It’s an ideal source of high quality, low-fat protein. Make sure to buy the cans that are in water, and not oil. If you’re worried about the sodium content of canned tuna, just rinse in water prior to eating or opt for the lower sodium brands.

3. Pineapple

 Khloe loves to have a piece of fruit for her dessert, and one of her favorites to combat bloating is pineapple. This tropical fruit contains the digestion promoting enzyme known as bromelain which helps your digestion, keeping you looking slender.

4. Asparagus

Fresh vegetables are a given on Khloe’s diet, but asparagus in particular is great for losing the bloat. It helps increase urine flow, helping you flush out added toxins and salt. It is also rich in prebiotics. Prebiotics are what the “good” bacteria in your gut feed on. When they are healthy, they keep your digestion healthy.

What’s not on the list?

Dairy. Khloe contributes cutting out dairy to completely changing her body, and helping her beat bloating and giving her skin a nice and healthy glow! Dr. Goglia tells us why he believes dairy should be eliminated from your diet here.

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